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Do Women Have More Neck Pain? Carson City, NV
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We may joke about something or someone being a “pain in the neck,” but when you suffer real neck pain, it isn’t a laughing matter. Neither is the fact that women have more neck pain than men – as if females don’t have enough health concerns. Do women really have more neck pain? And if so, why?

The Facts on Women and Neck Pain

A well-known study at Loyola University from 2014 revealed that women do, in fact, have more occurrences of neck pain than their male counterparts. More recent studies confirm these findings. Here are some facts from that research:

  • Over a 2-year period, a total of 3,337 patients presented to the pain clinic—including 2,047 women (61%) and 1,290 men (39%). Women outnumbered men by a ratio of 3:2.
  • The prevalence of neck disease in women (4.5%) tended to be 1.38 times higher than in men (3.3%).
  • Out of 133 patients with cervical disc disease, 91 were women (68%).
  • Out of 381 patients with lumbosacral disease, 242 were women and 139 were men.
  • Two new studies by the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) found that women are 1.38 times more likely to have cervical disc disease compared with men.

The most common causes of neck pain for both men and women include poor posture, worn joints, muscle strains, nerve compression, injuries, diseases or degenerative conditions.

Get Help for Your Neck Pain in Northern Nevada

Dr. Sina Rajamand at Reno/Carson City-based Battle Born Brain & Spine is a highly skilled and experienced neuro surgeon who can get to the bottom of your neck pain and offer effective solutions. After a thorough exam and conversation, and possibly some diagnostic scans, he can offer a diagnosis and propose a treatment plan to erase neck pain and bring relief.

Dr. Rajamand always seeks the least invasive therapies to treat your neck pain, but if surgery is warranted, he has the advanced training and expertise you want in a neurosurgeon. Plus, we use only the latest, most state-of-the-art surgical technology for neck, back and spine surgeries that get you back on your feet quickly and safely.

If you suffer from persistent neck pain, women or men, contact Battle Born Brain & Spine today to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Rajamand. There are effective solutions that can keep you from living with a pain in the neck.

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