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Degenerative Disc Disease Carson City, NV

Degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease at all. It is a spinal condition that occurs due to age. The rubbery discs between the vertebrae that allow for flexing and bending become worn over time. As they break down, this allows the vertebrae to rub together or press on the spine, resulting in weakness, numbness and radiating pain. Dr. Sina Rajamand offers degenerative disc disease treatment at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno, NV.

Degenerative disc disease may present no symptoms at all, at least at first. But over time, the pain can begin to manifest and grow until simple, everyday activities become impossible. This condition can also become complicated by the onset of osteoarthritis. If the damage is in the upper spine, pain can radiate out to the arms, shoulders and hands. Damage to the lower spine usually results in radiating pain to the legs and feet. This is due to how the damaged vertebrae press on areas of the spine or other nerve centers.

Since this is a degenerative condition, it only worsens with time. Many therapies exist to treat the condition and provide some measure of pain relief, ranging from NSAIDs and OTC pain relievers to facet joint injections, physical therapy and wearing a brace.

Advanced Surgery for Degenerating Discs

When more conservative measures fail to bring relief, or when pain and mobility issues interfere with daily living activities, you may be recommended for surgery. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled and talented neurosurgeon who performs advanced surgery for degenerating discs in Reno. Decompression surgery can relieve pressure on the spinal cord and affected nerves. Spinal fusion for stabilization can also relieve pain and add strength to weakened portions of the spine.

Dr. Rajamand specializes in true minimally-invasive surgical procedures that use smaller incisions that allow tiny instruments and the use of a microscope. This allows him to reduce the risks of damaging adjacent tissues and surgical infections. It also means shorter recovery times for his patients. Dr. Rajamand can explain more about the nature of these procedures and how they can help in a confidential consultation.

If you suffer from degenerative disc disease and surgery is recommended, contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Rajamand.