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Sciatica is a condition that gets its name from the sciatic nerve that is affected. Most commonly, a herniated disc, bone spur or spinal stenosis exerts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This causes radiating pain along its length, typically down one side from the lower back through the buttocks, hip and leg. There can also be numbness on the affected side. Dr. Sina Rajamand provides sciatica treatment at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno, Nevada.

Mild sciatica can present with pain, tingling and/or numbness only in parts of the sciatic nerve, and corresponding areas of the body, such as the hip or leg. The discomfort can go away on its own with rest, good posture, some exercise and OTC pain meds or NSAIDs. It is when these symptoms persist, grow worse or affect bladder or bowel control, that you may need the services of a Reno neurosurgeon.

Sciatica Risk Factors and Surgical Solutions in Carson City

While sciatica is commonly caused by the conditions above, it may also occur when a tumor presses on the nerve, or when congenital diseases or conditions cause nerve damage. The risk factors for sciatica can include:

  • Age – age-related changes in the spine are the most common causes of sciatica.
  • Obesity – excess weight can increase the stress on your spine.
  • Career – a job that requires you to twist often, bear heavy weight or sit for prolonged periods can contribute to sciatica.
  • Prolonged sitting – sitting for long periods or a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to sciatica.
  • Diabetes – diabetes can cause nerve damage over time if not kept under control.

When conservative measures for sciatica pain and discomfort are not effective, or if you begin having trouble with bladder or bowel control, a surgical solution from Dr. Rajamand is warranted. As a talented and experienced neurosurgeon, he regularly helps patients from Carson City and Reno who experience severe sciatica pain get relief.

Dr. Rajamand can use MRI, CT scanning with contrast and electromyography to pinpoint your condition and make an accurate diagnosis of sciatica. This is important, as some other conditions mimic sciatica but need different treatment. When surgical treatment for sciatica is needed, Dr. Rajamand will explain the cause and his recommended procedure.

Most commonly, surgery will require removing an offending object that is pressing on the spine, or creating more space in the spinal column for the spinal cord. Dr. Rajamand is a renowned expert at using minimally-invasive surgical procedures to minimize risks and speed healing for his patients. He can explain how a single, small incision is all that is required for him to access the troubled area and perform the needed repairs.

If you believe you suffer from sciatica pain and difficulties, contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno today, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand, a skilled and compassionate neurosurgeon.