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Failed Back Syndrome Carson City, NV

Failed back syndrome (failed back surgery syndrome) is not a syndrome at all. It is actually a general term used to refer to a spinal condition where a previous back surgery has not resulted in a relief of pain or other symptoms as it was hoped. Back and spinal surgeries are complicated, and there is never a 100% guarantee of success, although modern neurosurgical success rates are often as high as 95%. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a Reno neurosurgeon who offers failed back syndrome (FBSS) treatment.

Even after using the most advanced diagnostic tools and scans available, a neurosurgeon may not be able to exactly pinpoint the location of damage to the spine or if there are multiple areas of damage. Therefore, one repair may not be adequate to completely relieve a painful condition. Other possible complications that may result in FBSS include:

  • Fusion surgery that causes the adjacent vertebrae to degenerate faster, causing similar pain, known as transfer lesions
  • Nerve damage that occurs during decompression surgery
  • Decompression surgery that doesn’t completely resolve the compression issue on the spine
  • Epidural fibrosis, or scar tissue, that forms around nerve roots and causes pain
  • Undiagnosed secondary pain generators elsewhere in the spine

It is important to note that many cases of FBSS occur years after the initial back surgery due to continued degeneration. Although this is not technically a “failed back surgery,” such a condition falls under the general category of FBSS.

FBSS Treatment by a Skilled Reno Neurosurgeon

Previous back surgery patients in Reno or Carson City who have recurring problems with pain or mobility still have options. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled and talented Reno neurosurgeon with extensive training and experience in back and spinal repair surgery. After a thorough examination and series of diagnostic exams, he can pinpoint the problem area and recommend a solution.

Whether a previous neurosurgeon failed to completely repair a damaged portion of the spine or if degenerative conditions have created new, but similar, problems, Dr. Rajamand can provide effective solutions. He is also a specialist in using minimally-invasive techniques for many spine conditions. If you dread having a second back surgery, these techniques offer reduced risk and faster recovery times for advanced spinal repairs.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno if you suffer from a failed back surgery or similar issues that were addressed in a previous back surgery are troubling you again. Dr. Rajamand can offer options for relief.