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Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Carson City, NV

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), also known as anterior cervical decompression, is surgery on the spine at the neck (cervical) to remove a damaged disc (discectomy) and relieve pressure it is placing on the spinal cord or nerve roots. It is commonly combined with spinal fusion to add stability and strength to the spine. Dr. Sina Rajamand can perform this surgery at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno, NV.

Commonly recommended to repair a herniated disc or damage from a degenerative spine condition, this procedure is a combination of two basic neurosurgical treatments:

  1. Anterior cervical discectomy – this portion of the procedure is where the damaged cushioning disc between two vertebrae is removed. It is accessed through the front (anterior) of the neck.
  2. Fusion – this portion of the procedure fuses two adjacent vertebrae together with a bone graft or implant so the bones grow together into a single unit. This provides added strength and stability where the repair was necessary.

The repairs described above alleviate pressure on nerves and the resulting pain, numbness, weakness, tingling and other loss of mobility, while adding strength to the spine in the area weakened from removing a damaged spinal component.

Advanced Spine Repair Near Carson City

Dr. Rajamand specializes in true minimally-invasive neurosurgical techniques for neurosurgery, including a combined procedure like anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. These advanced techniques involve using tiny instruments with cameras that only require fewer and smaller incisions to access the surgical site. The area in question is viewed on a large screen by Dr. Rajamand, allowing him to make precise movements and operations for repair without damaging surrounding tissues.

These innovative measures reduce risks for the patient and allow for a faster recovery than with more traditional surgical methods. With Dr. Rajamand as your neurosurgeon, you can return to your normal life and activities much faster than you may have thought possible.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno for an exam and consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand when you need anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery to repair damages to your spine.