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Foraminotomy (Cervical  /Thoracic / Lumbar) Carson City, NV

Foraminotomy is a neurosurgical procedure that seeks to widen the intervertebral foramen to relieve pressure on nerve branches from the spine. This procedure can be necessary when the following conditions place pressure on spinal nerve branches and cause pain, inflammation, tingling, weakness in the extremities or loss of bodily functions:

  • Spondylosis (degenerative arthritis of the spine that can cause bony spurs)
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Enlargement of the nearby ligament
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Cysts or tumors
  • Skeletal disease
  • Congenital problems

The intervertebral foramen is a tiny hole in the side of each vertebra that allows nerves to pass through from the spinal cord to various areas of the body. When this hole becomes narrowed or blocked (spinal stenosis), it places pressure on the nerves and causes the above symptoms. When conservative treatment measures do not help, Dr. Sina Rajamand offers cervical, thoracic or lumbar foraminotomy at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno.

Spinal Stenosis Repair Surgery Near Carson Springs, NV

In spinal stenosis repair surgery near Carson Springs, Dr. Rajamand widens the tiny hole (intervertebral foramen) to allow the nerves additional space and relieve pressure. This procedure is only completed after a diagnosis of your condition and several advanced imaging techniques are used to pinpoint the exact location of your stenosis.

This procedure can be performed on any area of the spine (cervical, thoracic or lumbar) where stenosis occurs. It can involve removing bony spurs or spinal disc protrusions as well as removing a portion of the bone that surrounds the intervertebral foramen to create the necessary space. Dr. Rajamand specializes in using true minimally-invasive neurosurgical techniques to complete these procedures.

Minimally-invasive neurosurgery uses fewer and smaller incisions with tiny tools and cameras to help Dr. Rajamand view the surgical space. He can perform intricate motions and procedures without damage to adjacent tissues, making miniscule movements to carry out the surgery. The smaller incisions and surgical movements reduce risk of bleeding and injection and allow for faster healing and recovery.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno today, and schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand if you suffer from back or neck pain that also has radiating pain into your extremities. A foraminotomy could be the solution for your pain and discomfort.