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Spinal fusion surgery is a common neurosurgical procedure that is often performed in combination with other spinal repair surgeries. Spinal fusion seeks to join together, or “fuse,” two or more vertebrae by fomenting the body’s own repair mechanisms. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled neurosurgeon who offers Reno Spinal Fusion Surgery at Battle Born Brain and Spine near Carson City.

What is a Spinal Fusion?

In a spinal fusion surgery, Dr. Rajamand will use donor bone from elsewhere in your body, or a bone-like artificial material, to join together the vertebrae in question. He places this new material between the vertebrae and secures it with surgical hardware. This is to hold the fused vertebrae together until natural bone growth permanently joints them together.

Dr. Rajamand may recommend spinal fusion surgery for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Spinal deformities
  • Spinal weakness or instability (from trauma, degenerative conditions or repairs)
  • Herniated disc or disc removal

Neurosurgical Fusion for Neck or Back Pain

Neurosurgical fusion for neck or back pain is a common solution when the cause of the pain can be specifically determined. The conditions above all can be diagnosed accurately with x-rays, CT and MRI imaging. Most spinal repair procedures require removing some portion of a vertebra or spinal disc, which weakens the spine, making spinal fusion a necessary procedure.

Dr. Rajamand is a specialist at true minimally-invasive neurosurgery, and spinal fusion is almost always used in conjunction with another procedure where he also uses these advanced techniques. Minimally-invasive surgery reduces risks for the patient and speeds recovery times and healing, making a better overall experience. Dr. Rajamand can explain more about the techniques he uses for minimally-invasive spinal fusion during a consultation.

When the source of your neck or back pain is unclear, spinal fusion surgery is usually not recommended, as there is no clear reason to fuse the spine – no trauma or degenerative conditions warrants it. Other treatments will be recommended to solve your pain and resolve other symptoms. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today to schedule a back or neck pain consultation with Dr. Rajamand and learn more about spinal fusion surgery.