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Patient Information Carson City, NV

Dr. Sina Rajamand and the team at Battle Born Brain and Spine offer true minimally-invasive neurosurgical options for many brain and spine conditions in Reno, Nevada. Whether you have been referred to us by another practice or physician or chose our practice on your own, we strive to make your experience with us as convenient and professional as possible.

Information about the conditions we can treat and the therapies offered are on our website, as well as current information about procedures and more on our blog. Dr. Rajamand believes that his patients should be well informed about any recommended procedures so they can make decisions with confidence.

In order to provide the utmost level of care for our patients from Reno and Carson City, we will need information from you before your surgical procedure, and you will need important information from us. Dr. Rajamand and our team at Battle Born Brain and Spine always strive to answer questions and provide information during your pre-treatment consultation. This is the best time for us to ask questions and obtain the medical history and information we need and for you to ask questions about your condition and proposed treatments.

Convenient Information Options for Patients in Reno, Carson City

Medical care can be costly, and our team wants to be sure we offer every available option for you to pay for your treatments. Handling these matters ahead of time allows you to focus on your recovery and return to full activity without any worries or pressing matters to impede your progress.

In order to serve patients with the best care possible and make that care accessible to you, Dr. Sina Rajamand and Battle Born Brain and Spine accept a wide variety of insurance plans from across Nevada and the United States. You can visit the pages on our site below for more information, or call to discuss insurance and financial matters with one of our team members.

We also offer other financial options to assist you in paying for your care if you do not have health insurance, or when portions of your care are not covered by your insurance plan. One of our insurance and financial experts can help determine what is covered by your plan and explore other financial arrangements.

Contact us today at our Reno offices with your questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rajamand.