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Metastatic Brain Tumors are cancerous masses that begin elsewhere in the body but spread to the brain. They are some of the most common intracranial brain tumors that occur. While several types of cancer are known to migrate to the brain, lung cancer is the most prevalent among men, while breast cancer is most common among women. Dr. Sina Rajamand provides advanced neurosurgical treatment for metastatic brain tumors at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno.

Typical symptoms in patients with metastatic brain tumors, apart from the original cancer symptoms, can include:

  • Increased intracranial pressure, usually evidenced by headache, vomiting and disturbances with consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological symptoms usually focused on one side, such as tingling, motor changes or paralysis

When these or other symptoms develop, Dr. Rajamand is often consulted by cancer physicians for his skill and talent as a neurosurgeon. Metastatic brain tumors are typically removed, depending on the stage and location of the tumor and its effect on the patient. Dr. Rajamand will discuss his recommendation with you and your cancer physician.

Advanced Neurosurgery for Brain Tumors in Reno, Carson City

Dr. Rajamand and his team at Battle Born Brain and Spine near Carson City work with various cancer specialists throughout the area to provide treatments for brain tumors. Dr. Rajamand is a talented neurosurgeon with the education, training and experience to perform the complex neurosurgical procedures that are often needed to treat these types of cancerous tumors.

The primary goal of neurosurgery for metastatic brain tumors is to remove the cancerous mass in its entirety, if possible, while preserving the integrity of nearby brain tissue, nerves, blood vessels and other structures. Removing the mass will, in many cases, relieve the symptoms caused by intracranial pressure on these components. When the tumor has caused damage to nerves or other structures, lost sensations or motor skills may not return quickly. Different forms of therapy may be required as part of your overall rehabilitation.

Dr. Rajamand is a renowned specialist at using true minimally-invasive techniques and technology for many neurosurgical procedures. When possible, he prefers to use these methods because they reduce surgical risks of infection and damage to nearby tissues. They also help to speed a patient’s recovery after surgery. Dr. Rajamand will discuss any recommended procedure with you and explain the process he will follow for your particular case.

If you have been diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor in Reno or Carson City, Nevada, ask your physician to contact Dr. Sina Rajamand at Battle Born Brain and Spine for a neurosurgery consultation.