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CSF Diversion (Shunts) Carson City, NV

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diversion is a process neurosurgeons use to drain excess fluid buildup from around the brain and spinal cord. The procedure involves placing a long, thin tube, called a shunt, into a ventricle of the brain. This shunt is passed under the skin to the abdomen where the fluid is directed, to be absorbed and excised by the body. Dr. Sina Rajamand performs CSF diversion procedures at Battle Born Spine in Reno, Nevada.

CSF diversion shunt placement is one of the most common neurosurgical procedures performed in the United States. This permanent procedure is typically performed to place a shunt in pediatric patients who suffer from hydrocephalus/fluid space collections due to spina bifida or intraventricular hemorrhage.

Traditionally, these shunts have been designed with valves that open automatically by pressure and remain open to equalize any pressure differential that it detected. Some shunts are controlled by flow and body position. Newer, programmable shunts are available that allow a physician to make adjustments to the flow and pressure settings after the device is implanted by a neurosurgeon.

CSF Shunt Surgery in Reno

Dr. Sina Rajamand, our skilled and talented neurosurgeon at Battle Born Brain and Spine, has a wealth of experience with all manner of CSF diversion shunts and the most advanced implantation procedures. He also has experience repairing and replacing malfunctioning shunts or leaking valves from previous CSF diversion procedures. Infection is another possible complication that Dr. Rajamand can deal with after the implantation procedure is completed.

Like many of his neurosurgical procedures, CSF shunt surgery can be performed using true minimally-invasive procedures that reduce the risk of infection or complications and speed healing for less downtime. Dr. Rajamand can explain more about this surgical method and the type of shunt best recommended for your particular case in a consultation at Battle Born Brain and Spine.

If you or your loved one suffers from hydrocephalus/fluid space collections due to spina bifida or intraventricular hemorrhage, or any other condition that warrants a CSF diversion in Reno or Carson City, contact Dr. Rajamand, and schedule an exam and consultation as soon as possible.