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Brain Injuries / Trauma Carson City, NV

Brain trauma can occur from a wide variety of causes, from impacts to penetrating trauma to sudden jolts that violently shake the body. Different degrees of brain trauma will require varying levels and type of brain trauma injuries treatment. Many injuries can require surgical procedures to remove objects or relieve pressure on the brain. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled neurosurgeon that offers such treatment at his practice in Reno, Battle Born Brain and Spine.

The most common causes of brain trauma and resulting injuries include:

  • Falls
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Sports
  • Violence
  • Combat

Obviously, any injury to the brain must be taken seriously. You should be thoroughly examined any time you receive an injury or blow to the head. While many brain injuries can cause immediate and obvious symptoms, others may not; some symptoms may be gradually noticeable as they become worse. Dr. Rajamand and his team at Battle Born Brain and Spine use the most state-of-the-art imaging and other diagnostic tools to determine the level, severity and location of brain trauma injuries, so that effective treatments can be administered.

TBI Treatment in Reno, Carson City

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is generally classified as mild, moderate or severe; however, even mild TBI is serious and should be evaluated for possible treatment. Some mild TBI may only require OTC medications, rest and monitoring. Sometimes, neurosurgery is required for a TBI. Some common reasons can include:

  • Relieving pressure within the skull
  • Removing hematomas (clotted blood)
  • Repairing skull fractures
  • Removing foreign bodies or objects from the brain
  • Stopping bleeding on the brain

Very often, brain trauma will affect numerous functions of the body, including physical, sensory, mental, emotional and cognitive activities. Various therapies may be necessary from other medical professionals to help a patient rehabilitate and regain some functions after a brain injury. Dr. Rajamand works with many different specialists throughout the Reno, NV area to help brain trauma patients recover and live their best lives.

Dr. Rajamand and our team at Battle Born Brain and Spine offer world-class brain trauma injuries treatment, including neurosurgery for TBI. Contact the team at our Reno office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rajamand.