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Spondylosis is a descriptive term that actually means spinal degeneration. The most common cause of spondylosis is spinal osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition that affects the bones and joints of the spine. It can also be caused by spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal space, bone loss or injury to the spine. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled neurosurgeon in Reno who offers spondylosis, or spondylolysis, treatment.

At his practice, Battle Born Brain and Spine, Dr. Rajamand treats a wide variety of patients with different causes of spondylolysis. Effective treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your spondylosis, or spinal degeneration. Different conditions require a specific approach to repairs and healing. Dr. Rajamand uses the latest in imaging technology and testing to pinpoint the cause, location and severity of spondylosis in order to recommend the best treatment.

Treatment for Degenerative Spine Conditions in Carson City

Degenerative conditions can often pose few if any symptoms early on, so patients may not realize that a condition even exists. Occasional pain or numbness is often ignored as a consequence of aging. Only when pain or related symptoms become excessive or affect normal living do many patients see their doctor for help.

When degenerative spine conditions develop, Dr. Rajamand can offer several options to repair damage, slow the degenerative process and help with pain and other symptoms. From conservative treatments, like pain medication and NSAIDs, to bracing and meds that promote bone growth to physical therapy and spinal injections to neurosurgery, Dr. Rajamand can provide the quality care you need for spondylosis and its underlying cause.

When surgery is required, Dr. Rajamand specializes in true minimally-invasive surgical techniques that reduces risks to his patients and helps them recover fast. He typically combines several therapies, even when surgery is necessary, to bring about the best results. In moderate to severe cases, spinal decompression, removal of damaged vertebrae or bone spurs and spinal fusion may be necessary.

When you are diagnosed with spondylolysis in Reno or Carson City, turn to Dr. Sina Rajamand for experienced treatment. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today to schedule an exam and consultation.