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Second Opinion Carson City, NV

Do you have a recent MRI and want a compassionate and professional second opinion? When facing a diagnosis of a severe spinal injury, a second opinion can provide peace of mind when making critical decisions regarding surgery. If you have recently received a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and have questions, you may want to seek a second opinion. An MRI review can help determine the best treatment option for your pain so that you can improve your quality of life. Dr. Sina Rajamand of Battle Born Brain and Spine is a neurosurgeon who can provide an MRI review for a second opinion on a comprehensive range of spinal injuries.

How a Spine/Brain MRI Review Works

At Battle Born Brain and Spine, our primary goal is to assist patients in achieving the highest pain relief possible. Dr. Rajamand can review records for a comprehensive range of neurological conditions requiring surgery. During the spine/brain review, Dr. Rajamand will examine the scan to verify the diagnosis and provide a second opinion on a recommendation for treatment.

If Dr. Rajamand determines you are an ideal candidate for minimally invasive surgery, you may want to consider Battle Born Brain and Spine for treatment. Dr. Rajamand uses advanced microsurgery techniques that result in shorter recovery times and fewer risks and complications with surgery. Depending on the injury and its severity, there may be other neurological procedures to treat your condition without the need for surgery.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine for an MRI Review Second Opinion

Facing surgery for your spinal injury can be emotionally overwhelming. Visiting a neurosurgeon for an MRI review to get a second opinion can give you peace of mind when deciding on your medical care. As a practicing neurosurgeon in Reno, Dr. Rajamand has assisted numerous patients with achieving long-term relief of chronic pain with spinal cord injuries. With education and training from three renowned medical schools, you can rely on Dr. Rajamand’s expertise to provide the medical care you need for your spinal injury. Request a consultation for a second opinion on your spine or brain MRI today.