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The human spine is intricately designed to promote a perfect balance. Many believe the spine is perfectly straight, but this is incorrect. The spine is actually curved in two places to allow for balancing the weight in those parts of the body, and to keep everything balanced on your feet. When these curves are not present, the spinal condition is known as flatback syndrome. Dr. Sina Rajamand offers flatback syndrome treatment at Battle Born Brain and Spine.

The natural curvature of the spine occurs first at the chest where the ribs join the spine, curving slightly forward. This is called kyphosis. The second curve occurs where the spine joins the pelvis, curving slightly backward. This is called lordosis. A loss of either kyphosis or lordosis causes problems with balance and normal mobility. Patients with flatback syndrome often appear stooped forward and have difficulty walking without assistance from a device, such as a cane or walker, that can help them maintain balance.

This condition can occur after spinal repairs for scoliosis or spinal fusion surgery, or when a degenerative condition weakens the spinal vertebrae, such as osteoarthritis. More modern spinal fusion or scoliosis repair surgeries allow for the spine’s natural curvature and should not result in flatback syndrome under normal circumstances.

Flat Back Repair Surgery Near Carson City

CT and MRI imaging can create an accurate picture of the spine, from which the degree of curvature in kyphosis and lordosis can be calculated. When these curves are significantly reduced, Dr. Rajamand can offer neurosurgical options for repair. So-called flat back repair surgery can take the form of osteotomy or pedicle subtraction osteotomy.

In both of these procedures, Dr. Rajamand removes a bone from the spinal column to allow realignment and introducing the needed curvature. These corrective procedures are also accompanied by spinal fusion and fixation to reestablish strength and stability. This often requires implanting screws, rods or other hardware in the spine.

Very often, Dr. Rajamand can use minimally-invasive techniques to perform these surgeries, which allow for reduced risks and faster recovery. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno today to schedule your consultation concerning surgical flatback syndrome treatment.