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Could My Arm or Leg Pain be from a Pinched Nerve? Carson City, NV


Summer Sports and Concussion Risks

Concussion injuries in college and professional sports have gained wide attention in recent seasons, raising awareness for these TBIs and their risk to athletes. But football is not the only sport that poses a risk for these injuries. Many… Continue reading

Do Women Have More Neck Pain?

We may joke about something or someone being a “pain in the neck,” but when you suffer real neck pain, it isn’t a laughing matter. Neither is the fact that women have more neck pain than men –… Continue reading

Is Your Back Pain Worse When You Stand?

Worsening back pain when you stand and your spine bears your total body weight could be indicative of a serious problem. Most people have back pain from time to time, typically from overexertion. But when the pain is… Continue reading

Does Movement Make Your Back Pain Worse?

Any type of back pain can slow you down, but when persistent back pain becomes worse as you stand, bend or twist, this can significantly prevent normal day-to-day activities, much less any work tasks or other active pursuits.… Continue reading

How to Prevent Tech Neck

You may or may not have heard of “tech neck,” also sometimes called “text neck” because it is a frequent complaint of teens that spend hours hunched over their phones. Adults can get tech neck, too, from hours… Continue reading