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How Did I Develop Bone Spurs on My Spine? Carson City, NV


How Did I Develop Bone Spurs on My Spine?

If you have recently began experiencing neck, back or radiating pain, bone spurs on your spine may be the cause. A consultation and examination, including diagnostic scans, are necessary to locate and verify the presence of bone spurs… Continue reading

3 Tips for Avoiding Serious Back Pain

Your back is the framework that supports the entire body. It is under tremendous stress each day just with normal movements and activities. Approximately 65 million adults in the United States will complain of back pain at some… Continue reading

Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Conditions

Nerve-related pain often makes us think of the spinal cord and our central nervous system, but there are many more nerves that channel signals throughout the body. These are known as peripheral nerves. Trauma or conditions that exert… Continue reading

Help with Chronic Back Pain

Over 65 million Americans regularly deal with back pain, and a significant percentage of those suffer from “chronic” back pain. The National Institutes of Health defines chronic back pain as, “pain that continues for 12 weeks or longer,… Continue reading

Personal Injury Services

Many types of mishaps and accidents can cause serious personal injuries that involve the brain, spine or other nerves. Vehicle accidents and work-related accidents are some of the most frequent causes of spinal injuries or brain trauma. If… Continue reading

Do I Have Carpal Tunnel?

Many professions require repetitive motions of the hand, wrist and arm that can place particular strain on your arm. Typists, painters and those who operate levers of machinery may discover a growing pain, tingling or numbness in their… Continue reading

How Do I Know If I Have Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as it is more formerly known, is a well-known malady that affects about 5% of the adult population, most commonly between ages 40 and 60. In over half the cases, both hands… Continue reading