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Endoscopic Discectomy Carson City, NV

An endoscopic discectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the damaged portion of a spinal disc using minimally-invasive surgical techniques. A herniated disc can press on nearby nerve branches or the spinal cord, causing pain, inflammation and other complications. This procedure is also performed to repair slipped, ruptured or bulging discs. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a specialist at true minimally-invasive neurosurgery, and he performs endoscopic discectomy at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno.

Osteoarthritis can wear away at your spinal discs, causing vertebrae to rub together and cause pain. Pressure can cause the soft inner material to bulge out from inside the disc, putting pressure on the spinal cord. This material may also separate and become lodged within the spinal canal. Discs may also shift out of place and press on the spine.

Carson City Minimally-Invasive Herniated Disc Removal Surgery

Dr. Sina Rajamand and his team at Battle Born Brain and Spine can diagnose the cause of your back or neck pain. A problem with a spinal disc is a common source of pain and limited mobility. When conservative treatments like massage, physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, acupuncture, NSAIDs and spinal injections do not bring relief, Dr. Rajamand may recommend minimally-invasive spine surgery.

An endoscopic discectomy can remove the offending part of a spinal disc that is pressing on your spine or nerve branches, causing pain. Dr. Rajamand uses a small incision and an endoscope to perform this procedure. An endoscope is a surgical tool with a camera that projects images of the surgical space onto a large monitor. This allows Dr. Rajamand to perform precise operations within a limited surgical space, reducing risks of damage or infection. Patients also heal much faster.

Dr. Rajamand often combines this surgery with a spinal fusion or artificial disc replacement. Fusion joins adjacent vertebrae together into a single structure for added stability. Artificial disc replacement completely removes a damaged disc and replaces it with an advanced replica that functions exactly like your natural disc.

Dr. Rajamand can explain more about any neurosurgical treatments he recommends for your particular condition when you schedule a consultation at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today to schedule your consult and exam for endoscopic discectomy at our offices near Carson City, NV.