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Spine Treatment / Surgery Carson City, NV

When you or a loved one needs advanced spine surgery and treatment in Reno, NV, Battle Born Brain and Spine is your center for high-quality and compassionate treatment. Our skilled and talented neurosurgeon, Dr. Sina Rajamand, has extensive training and experience in many forms of spine treatment and surgery to relieve pain and restore quality of life.

Dr. Rajamand received his medical training at Columbia University in New York and Midwestern University’s Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona. He further completed an internship and neurosurgical residency at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine at Providence Park Hospital in Michigan.

At his current practice in Reno, Battle Born Brain and Spine, he and his team perform advanced spine treatments and neurosurgery when needed with painstaking attention to detail and exceptional care for their patients from Carson City and the surrounding areas.

Neurosurgical Treatments and Back Pain Relief Near Carson City

Dr. Sina Rajamand provides skilled and experienced neurosurgical treatments for back pain relief near Reno and Carson City, including the following. Visit these pages for more information about each procedure.

True Minimally-Invasive Neurosurgery in Nevada

Dr. Rajamand performs many of these surgical procedures using true minimally-invasive techniques that allow for reduced risks and faster recovery for his patients. By using fewer and smaller incisions and tiny surgical tools with cameras, Dr. Rajamand can perform intricate surgical operations with precision, minimizing the risk of damage to adjacent tissues. These smaller incisions and surgical sites heal faster, putting you back into action much faster than with traditional surgery.

When you need spinal surgery for back pain, reduced mobility or other complications in Reno or Carson City, choose a trained and experienced neurosurgeon. Contact the team at Battle Born Brain and Spine, and schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand. We provide high-quality care and precision neurosurgery with minimally-invasive techniques for fast recovery and return to a better quality of life.