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Why Does My Neck Hurt? Carson City, NV
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Many Americans complain with neck pain. Considering that the 20 muscles and seven spinal vertebrae of the neck hold up and control the movements for your head, which weighs an average of 10-11 pounds, you should expect some occasional neck pain. Holding your head in one position for an extended period of time, such as while straining to see or using your smartphone, can cause nagging neck pain. So can sleeping in an odd position.

Other day-to-day activities or movements can cause slight or occasional neck pain. But when this pain becomes chronic, or persistent and nagging, worsening pain, you should see a doctor for some more serious causes. Dr. Sina Rajamand and his team at Battle Born Brain and Spine provide neurosurgical treatments for patients in Reno and Carson City who suffer from chronic neck pain.

Common Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

As indicated above, the neck consists of about 20 muscles, seven spinal vertebrae, and other assorted ligaments and tendons. Any stress or injury to these components can trigger chronic pain. Some of the most common causes of chronic neck pain Dr. Rajamand sees at his Reno neurosurgery practice include:

  • Spondylosis, or osteoarthritis of the neck
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Herniated cervical disc
  • Nerve compression
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Spinal cancer
  • Tumors

When conservative treatments for chronic neck pain are not effective or no longer provide relief, your doctor may refer you to a neurosurgeon for treatment. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a talented and skilled neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally-invasive neurosurgery for neck pain.

Neurosurgery for Neck Pain in Reno, NV

Minimally-invasive surgical techniques are used for a variety of medical disciplines, including neurosurgery, or spinal surgery. Dr. Rajamand can use state-of-the-art surgical cameras and tiny tools to perform intricate surgical procedures on the cervical spine (neck) to relieve the causes of your chronic neck pain. The cameras project a view of the surgical space on a large monitor, allowing Dr. Rajamand to see and move inside the surgical site with increased precision and a minimum of extraneous movement.

Your surgical risks are greatly reduced, as is your recovery time after surgery is completed. Many patients can return to full activity in a matter of days or weeks. Dr. Rajamand can explain more about the specific minimally-invasive neurosurgical procedure that is recommended for your particular condition or injury in a private consultation.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno to schedule an examination and consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand, skilled and experienced neurosurgeon.

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