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Laminectomy is a neurosurgical procedure that removes the lamina (the back part of the vertebrae) covering your spinal cord. Cervical laminectomy is when this procedure is performed on the neck, or cervical) area of the spine. This form of decompression surgery is available at the skilled hands of Dr. Sina Rajamand at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno.

A laminectomy is a common surgery to create more space in the spinal canal when it becomes compressed, particularly when a vertebra or other spinal component presses on the spinal cord or other nerve roots. This can be from a damaged vertebral disc, bone spurs, tumors or as a result of trauma. When conservative measures do not relieve pain, radiating pain, loss of mobility or other side effects, a cervical laminectomy is usually recommended.

Carson City Neck Spine Surgery

In this form of neck spine surgery, which is often combined with other procedures, Dr. Rajamand removes the lamina through a small incision at the back of your neck. Then, if other repairs are needed, he can use tiny tools to remove foreign bodies, bone spurs, damaged disc fragments, tumors or other offending objects that may be pressing in the spine and nerve roots.

Cervical laminectomy is also commonly paired with a spinal fusion to add stability where damaged spinal components have been removed. Dr. Rajamand performs these surgical procedures using minimally-invasive techniques and technology. By using fewer and smaller incisions and state-of-the-art surgical tools and cameras, he can reduce the risk of infection or damage to adjacent tissues while allowing for a faster recovery.

Dr. Rajamand is a thoroughly trained and experienced neurosurgeon in Reno who can explain more about a cervical laminectomy and other recommended procedures in a confidential consultation at his office. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today, and schedule an exam and consultation if you have been recommended for neck spine surgery by your physician. Neck pain and lack of mobility or range of motion can be corrected with a cervical laminectomy and other corrective surgical procedures.