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Vascular Malformations Carson City, NV

Vascular malformations of the brain involve tangled arteries and veins. This cranial condition causes a disruption to the vital flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Vascular malformations of the brain are rare, and their cause is not clear. Most victims are born with the condition, but some develop later in life. Dr. Sina Rajamand offers treatment for vascular malformations of the brain at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno.

About half of patients with a vascular malformation of the brain have no symptoms until a hemorrhage occurs. Of those that do not experience a hemorrhage, they can experience headaches, seizures, weakness somewhere in the body, numbness, vision loss, confusion or unsteadiness.

A particularly severe type of vascular brain malformation is called a vein of Galen defect. It is usually detected soon after birth and can cause fluid to build up in the brain and the head to swell. Signs and symptoms include swollen veins that are visible on the scalp, seizures and even congestive heart failure.

Advanced Neurosurgery for Vascular Brain Malformations

A cerebral arteriography is the best test for diagnosing a vascular brain malformation, along with CT and MRI imaging. Once located and evaluated, Dr. Rajamand typically recommends a surgical resection or endovascular embolization to correct vascular brain malformations.

In simple cases, a minimally-invasive craniotomy is used to access the area of the brain where the malformation is located. Dr. Rajamand can then resect, or remove, the malformation and replace the area of skull removed to gain access. Some larger or more problematic malformations may be treated by threading a catheter from the leg to the offending blood vessels in the brain while viewing the image on an x-ray monitor. During this endovascular procedure, Dr. Rajamand can then inject an embolizing agent to block or collapse the malformation to safely redirect blood flow.

Dr. Rajamand and his team have the necessary skills and experience to perform these procedures safely and with minimal risks to the patient. Every patient receives a complete explanation of any recommended procedures before Dr. Rajamand schedules their surgery or treatment.

When you need advanced neurosurgery for vascular brain malformation in Reno or Carson City, NV, contact Battle Born Brain and Spine to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Sina Rajamand, talented neurosurgeon.