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Congenital Spinal Disorder Carson City, NV

Congenital spinal disorders can develop in children before birth. In these disorders, the spine does not develop correctly. This causes structural issues with the spine vertebrae and the spinal cord. Sometimes these spinal disorders are slight and may escape detection until an x-ray for another problem is necessary.

Other spine conditions of this type can be progressive and cause more serious complications over time. Common congenital spine disorders include spina bifida, scoliosis, tethered spinal cord, lordosis and kyphosis. When these or other spinal conditions are present, the vertebrae can be misshapen, fused together, missing or only partially developed. Some common symptoms can include:

  • Abnormally curved spine
  • Uneven shoulders, hips or legs
  • Difficulty walking
  • Tilted pelvis
  • Difficulty breathing

When these symptoms are discovered by your child’s doctor, he or she will likely refer you to a neurosurgeon for treatment. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a skilled and experienced neurosurgeon in Reno who provides treatment for congenital spinal disorders at Battle Born Brain and Spine.

Reno/Carson City Spine Deformity Surgery

When spine deformity surgery is necessary to correct or prevent the worsening of a congenital spinal disorder, you are in the best of hands with Dr. Sina Rajamand. He and the team at Battle Born Brain and Spine aim for every patient to be fully able to live their best life. When neurosurgery is indicated to correct spinal deformities, Dr. Rajamand approaches each patient with care and skill.

He may recommend a variety of options for surgical correction when a severe curvature or other deformity causes pain, interferes with organ function and/or shows signs of progression. The patient’s age and growth status are always taken into account before any surgical considerations are recommended. When more growing is to happen, some corrections can occur naturally. It is always best to let these happen before any surgical intervention.

The surgeries that may be recommended will seek to reduce pain, restore strength and stability for standing and walking, relieve any pressure on vital organs and prevent the condition from becoming worse. The spine may require restabilization as well as some fusions. Dr. Rajamand will explain the necessary procedures during a consultation before surgery.

Contact the team at Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno to schedule an exam and consultation about expert treatment for congenital spinal disorders.