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Ependymoma is a type of brain tumor that can form in either the brain or spinal cord. These tumors originate from the ependymal cells that line the passageways throughout the brain and spinal cord that channel cerebrospinal fluid. Dr. Sina Rajamand is a Reno neurosurgeon that offers Ependymoma Tumor Removal Surgery at Battle Born Brain and Spine near Carson City, NV.

Ependymoma tumors can occur at any age, but they are most often seen in young children. Children with ependymoma may begin experiencing headaches and seizures. When Ependymoma occurs in adults, it is more likely to form in the spinal cord and affect parts of the body where the tumor impacts the spinal cord or nerve branches.

Diagnosing an ependymoma tumor requires extensive testing that includes advanced imaging, neurological and cognitive testing and a spinal tap to obtain spinal fluid for further testing. This combination of tests provides numerous factors that help lead to the most accurate diagnosis possible. When an ependymoma tumor is suspected, Dr. Rajamand will often recommend surgery to remove it.

Advanced Brain Surgery in Reno, Carson City

Dr. Rajamand is an experienced and highly-trained neurosurgeon in Reno who can perform advanced brain surgery to remove tumors like an ependymoma. The goal is to completely remove all of the tumor and thereby eliminate all symptoms. Due to a tumor’s location, Dr. Rajamand may not be able to remove the entire mass. If portions of the tumor are too close to important structures, nerve branches or blood vessels, they may be left and targeted with other treatments.

Radiation therapy is common to treat remaining portions of ependymoma tumors, especially when the possibility of regrowth exists. Targeted radiation therapy focuses the treatment on the tumor mass itself and spares surrounding tissues and structures. Other forms of radiation therapy can be used to prevent tumor regrowth.

Dr. Rajamand can explain more about treatments for ependymoma tumors, including neurosurgery, when you schedule an exam and consultation at our Reno medical clinic. Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine for advanced brain surgery options near Carson City, NV.