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Personal Injury Services Carson City, NV

Have you recently suffered a personal injury from a slip and fall or vehicle accident? The symptoms of personal injuries can range in severity and appear immediately or over time. New injuries can aggravate previous injuries and medical conditions. If you are involved in litigation regarding a spinal injury, you may need a neurosurgeon who can provide an expert medical opinion in court.

Dr. Sina Rajamand can provide consultations, spine surgeon expert witness testimony, and litigation support. At Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno, Nevada, you can receive expert treatment for spinal injuries from accidents or surgical negligence. This treatment can be used as part of expert witness testimony for your personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Evaluation and Treatment

In order to successfully win a personal injury claim, it is vital to seek medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Rajamand can perform a comprehensive medical exam and recommend the best neurosurgical treatment option for your spinal injury. These treatment options can include artificial disc replacement, spinal decompression and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dr. Rajamand specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery involving small tubes and a microscope. With these techniques, patients can enjoy faster recovery times and fewer surgical risks. The latest innovations and techniques concerning brain and spine surgery are utilized at Battle Born Brain and Spine in order to provide the utmost quality of care for patients.

Spine Surgeon Expert Witness in Reno

With any spinal injury, your quality of life can be significantly compromised. These injuries may need ongoing medical care so you can maintain optimal health and wellness. Pursuing litigation with a personal injury claim allows individuals to receive compensatory damages. This can help patients pay for medical care and expenses and restore lost wages.

With reliable testimony from a medical professional, individuals may be able to win their personal injury claims with medically backed evidence. Dr. Rajamand can provide litigation support to attorneys as a spine surgeon expert witness. Contact Dr. Rajamand today for more information on personal injury evaluation and treatment at Battle Born Brain and Spine.