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Medical Expert Testimony for Brain & Spinal Conditions in Reno Carson City, NV
Dr. Sina Rajamand

Many accidents in the Reno, Nevada, area cause horrific injuries that affect the brain and/or spine. Such injuries often require extensive surgical intervention and long-term rehabilitation. Some victims experience monumental changes to their lives – and many will never be the same. Regardless of where or how the accident occurred, some form of litigation is often involved.

Insurance companies, accident victims and other involved parties can all hold a vital interest in such cases, and medical expert testimony becomes a pivotal aspect of the legal proceedings. Dr. Sina Rajamand at Battle Born Brain & Spine is a lavishly educated and extensively experienced neurosurgeon who can offer sound, seasoned and reliable testimony pertaining to many types of brain and/or spinal injuries and conditions.

Medical Expert Testimony Can Provide Clarity and Understanding

Judges, attorneys, insurance representatives, laypersons and others that may be involved in legal proceedings after a personal injury accident can in no way be expected to understand extensive medical issues or conditions. They all rely on testimony provided by recognized medical experts who, by virtue of their training and expertise, can speak authoritatively on specific medical issues.

As a medical expert in neurosurgery and brain/spine injuries, Dr. Rajamand can explain the nature and extent of injuries in language that can be understood by the court and its officials, including diagnosis, treatment and estimated impairment stemming from an accident. He has experience sharing such explanations in medical expert testimony in person before the court or through written or recorded depositions.

Medical Expert Testimony Becomes Legal Evidence

The importance of medical expert testimony cannot be overstated. Such recognized expertise, as possessed by Dr. Rajamand, is accepted by Nevada courts as powerful legal evidence that can be reliably used to prove guilt, innocence, responsibility or other matters before the court. This evidence can be crucial to a victim winning its case and receiving adequate compensation for injuries sustained, or otherwise proving liability.

Contact Battle Born Brain & Spine in Reno, NV when you need medical expert testimony by a talented, skilled and reliable neurosurgeon. Dr. Sina Rajamand can provide valuable legal testimony that could make a difference in your case.

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