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Is Your Back Pain Worse When You Stand? Carson City, NV
A man with spinal pain at orthopedic doctor's appointment.

Worsening back pain when you stand and your spine bears your total body weight could be indicative of a serious problem. Most people have back pain from time to time, typically from overexertion. But when the pain is persistent, and worsens when standing or moving, you could have a problem with your spinal discs that requires attention.

Slipped Disc – Spondylolisthesis

Stress fractures, wear and tear or a degenerative condition can cause the cushioning cartilage between vertebrae to wear away, allowing vertebrae to collapse onto one another. Also, this degeneration can trigger bone regrowth in your body’s attempt to repair the damage. This even overgrowth of bone can cause instability, which can also cause the vertebrae to collapse.

This condition is commonly known as a slipped disc, or spondylolisthesis in medical terms. The spine is unstable and shifting discs, or vertebrae, press onto one another and on nearby nerves, causing pain. Any added strain, such as standing and bearing more weight, increases the pain. While early cases of a slipped disc may generate no pain, as the condition worsens over time, growing pain is inevitable.

Early or mild cases of spondylolisthesis may be treated with non-invasive means, including rest, bracing, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, OTC pain and anti-inflammatory medications and facet joint injections. When these do not provide adequate relief, corrective surgery is needed.

World-Class Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Dr. Sina Rajamand is a world-renowned specialist at minimally invasive spinal surgery, speeding healing and recovery for his patients. Surgical repairs for spondylolisthesis include decompression to remove the damaged disc and relieve pressure on the spine and nerves, and fusion to increase spinal stability where the disc was removed.

Dr. Rajamand and his team use advanced techniques and tiny instruments with cameras that require only a few small incisions. The surgical site is viewed on a large screen, which facilitates precise movements and repairs that do not damage surrounding tissues. Average recovery times are much shorter than with traditional open back surgery.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine in Reno today if you suffer back pain, particularly if it worsens when you stand or move. We can diagnose and treat the cause of your back pain to return to you full mobility and health.

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