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How to Speed Recovery After Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Carson City, NV
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Recovering from any type of surgery can be challenging, especially when it has to do with your back and spine. Patients who undergo minimally invasive spine surgery can recover faster than other types of surgery. Focusing on a few aspects of the recovery process can help you heal quickly so you can enjoy normal daily activities again pain-free. Here are three tips to help you speed your recovery after minimally invasive spine surgery.

Stay Active with Gentle Exercise

Physical activity can help stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling after minimally invasive spine surgery. Staying in bed or sitting for long periods of time can lead to the development of blood clots that can cause serious health complications. Take small, short walks throughout the first few days and limit any strenuous activities for the first couple weeks. This includes exercises involving bending, lifting, climbing or twisting. You may need physical therapy to help build your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Maintain Proper Incision Care

After your minimally invasive spine surgery, your doctor may give you specific aftercare instructions for incision care. Keep the area around your incisions dry and clean for the first few days and avoid soaking in the tub. This can help prevent infections. Use soap and water to clean and then gently pat dry with a clean cloth.

Support Your Spine

Keeping your spine in alignment with the right support after minimally invasive spine surgery can help you speed your recovery. Use pillows behind your back and between your knees to reduce pressure and tension. Take it easy when getting up from your bed or chair. Depending on the condition of your spine, you can use a back brace for stabilization while recovering to prevent injury.

Back Pain Relief with Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If you are struggling with chronic back pain or a spinal injury, minimally invasive spine surgery can be an effective treatment option. With the proper care during recovery, you can speed your healing to feel better and get back to all the things you enjoy in life. The specialists at Battle Born Brain & Spine can recommend the best treatment plan for your unique health needs for a speedy recovery. Call to schedule a consultation today.

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