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Help with Chronic Back Pain Carson City, NV
Back Pain

Over 65 million Americans regularly deal with back pain, and a significant percentage of those suffer from “chronic” back pain. The National Institutes of Health defines chronic back pain as, “pain that continues for 12 weeks or longer, even after an initial injury or underlying cause of acute low back pain has been treated.”

If you suffer from persistent back pain in Reno that impairs your ability to do the things you want, and especially if everyday tasks become difficult, you need professional help with chronic back pain. Several serious conditions could be causing your back pain, and a specialist can diagnose your condition and design an effective plan for treatment.

What is Causing Your Back Pain?

The back and spine are the primary framework for your entire body, so pain in this area can be compounded, impacting other areas. Plus, some back pain conditions are degenerative, meaning they grow worse over time without treatment. Back pain has a multiplied effect, in that the pain hinders your movement and activity so you actively focus on doing whatever is necessary to avoid the pain. This is no quality way to live.

Common causes of chronic back pain can include:

  • Overwork / straining your back
  • Repetitive motion that wears the back/spinal components over time
  • Poor posture
  • Trauma
  • Arthritis
  • Genetic impairments
  • Spinal misalignment

Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

Sr. Sina Rajamand at Battle Born Brain & Spine in Reno, NV offers many levels of treatment for chronic back pain. He can use the latest technological advancements to diagnose your condition and pinpoint the source of pain, then create a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs. Since every patient is different, your treatment for chronic back pain will not look like that for another patient. Sometimes, a combination of different therapies works best to alleviate pain and inflammation and restore mobility.

Some of the treatments for chronic back pain Dr. Rajamand may recommend can include:

  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Directed exercise
  • Pain injections
  • OTC or prescription pain medications
  • Spinal decompression
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery

Dr. Rajamand prefers to use the least invasive treatments to alleviate your pain and restore mobility, but when surgery is required, he is a renowned specialist at minimally invasive spinal procedures to relieve back pain conditions.

Contact Battle Born Brain & Spine in Reno if you’ve had enough of chronic back pain. Dr. Rajamand and his team have effective solutions to restore you to full mobility without pain.

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