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Get a Second Opinion Before Spine Surgery in 2023 Carson City, NV
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Many residents in and around Reno, NV may be looking forward to spine surgery in the New Year. While not something to avoid if it is necessary to relive neck or back pain or problems with mobility, you should always be sure before submitting to any surgical procedure. A second opinion by another highly qualified neurosurgeon in Reno may be a wise step.

Why Do Second Opinions Matter?

Dr. Sina Rajamand of Battle Born Brain and Spine is a neurosurgeon who can provide an exam and MRI review for a second opinion on a comprehensive range of spinal injuries. If you are unsure of the diagnosis and/or treatment path you have received from another specialist, or if you simply want the opinion of an independent specialist, you can contact us for a second opinion.

Dr. Rajamand will perform an exam and/or a review of previously taken MRIs and other documentation and offer his seasoned opinion of your diagnosis, any underlying condition or problem and your prescribed treatment options. He may also be able to offer better solutions at Battle Born Brain and Spine, such as advanced microsurgery techniques or other therapies that may eliminate the need for surgery.

Our talented team offers some modern treatments and surgical techniques that are not available from other medical specialists. We are committed to providing you with an honest evaluation, even if it is to return to your previous team for their prescribed treatment.

Schedule an MRI Evaluation with a Talented Neurosurgeon in Reno

Dr. Rajamand is aware that some patients may be unable to travel to undergo a physical examination for a second opinion. Our team can receive MRI scans and data via email for review and render our findings over the phone or a video call, when necessary.

Contact Battle Born Brain and Spine today if you are facing a spinal surgery in the New Year to remedy mobility problems or pain. Dr. Rajamand is pleased to offer an expert second opinion and may be able to offer a better solution – maybe even one that avoids surgery altogether. If surgery is necessary, our minimally invasive procedures can return you to full mobility faster than traditional surgery.

Call us today at 775-445-6622 or send a message online asking for a second opinion consultation in Reno.

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